ADPRO Training Center

Orchard Park, New York

Owner: New York State, Erie County Department of Public Works and The Buffalo Bills

Project Value: $6 million

Completed: September 2016

Architect: Populous

During the massive stadium renovation, our team managed the budget to create $1.7 million in savings. With this savings, the Buffalo Bills chose to add additional scope at the ADPRO Sports Training Center and keep our team members on to oversee the work under a construction management GMP contract.

With this facility being used nearly year-round, work had to be broken into phases to keep it operational during critical months. It was imperative our team coordinated with the players and staff to accommodate their off-season schedules. Additionally, our team coordinated with several stakeholders including the Buffalo Bills, Pegula Sports & Entertainment and Populous Architects.

The first phase of work began in summer of 2015 and included rebranding throughout and renovations to the field house lobby, along with creating Founders Plaza. The 2,300 sq. ft. fieldhouse lobby was completely renovated and updated to match the rebranded fieldhouse and adjacent stadium. The iconic exterior component of this phase was the creation of a garden plaza used to commemorate and pay tribute to Ralph C. Wilson Jr., founding owner of the Buffalo Bills.

The second phase of work was broken up into two sub-phases. The core and shell for the scouting room was completed during the 2015 football season and it was coordinated around the players schedule as it was above the locker room. Finishes were completed after the season, and lobby work began. In the end, the 1,800 sq. ft. state-of-the-art scouting space boasts a customizable television wall and significant high-tech tools to enhance game planning discussions. In addition to the lobby, renovations to the offensive and team meeting rooms were completed to ensure branding consistency throughout.

With the scope the Buffalo Bills added, the final project value did not exceed the $6 million GMP value. Due to the scope change, five months of work were added, and the new completion was September 2016.